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Top 5 Universities for Math Genius and How to Prepare for them

Twenty years ago, NRC (National Research Council) of the United States has expressed the importance of mathematics with the following statement: “Mathematics is the key to opportunity.” Mathematics is the key that opens up various opportunities. For a student, math is the key to the door of a brilliant career. For citizens, the math would help them in making the right decision. For some countries, mathematics is the basic capital to compete in the fields of economy and technology. Mathematics is often viewed as a science that is difficult to learn, but there are some people who have advantages in mathematics. Even few of them are geniuses who need a place to channel their skills. This article will discuss the five best universities in the world for genius mathematicians and how to prepare for them.

Math is a subject that is very popular for most fans of the fields of science and technology. There are many jobs that require a degree in mathematics. With a mathematics degree, graduates can pursue a career in the oil and nuclear industries, in medicine or IT, as well as a variety of other jobs in government departments. The graduates who have specialized in the statistics can be found employment in local government councils, educational institutions, the pharmaceutical industry, insurance companies, market research and marketing companies, banks, accounting firms and research institutions.

Harvard University

Harvard University is a private university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States and one of the members of the League Iy. The university is one of the best universities in the world. Date 18 September 1636 was the day when the university was established. Harvard University is the oldest university in the United States. At first, the university was named “New College”, later changed to “Harvard College”, and became Harvard University back on March 13, 1639. Its name is taken from its largest donation donor, John Harvard, a former Cambridge University student. This university is a favorite place for anyone who wants to become a mathematician. You certainly know Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook who had studied at Harvard. The University has produced many people with the ability to innovate in mathematics field.


Every mathematician certainly knows the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The university is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, and last year was named as the number one university in the world, version of QS World University Rankings. For information, MIT has online classes. Previously, there had been a study in cyberspace. But MIT’s program is quite unique because it invites students from various countries in the world, with no requirements or admission fees to get a certificate with the ‘label’ MIT.

In general, online course material is the material in class but transferred to the virtual world. Each course is specially accredited and all lectures are available online. Before Christmas 2011, this university has announced its intention to make MITx. The first subject was 6.002x: Circuits and Electronics, which was based on the same course at MIT.

The MITx version has been designed for online students, equipped with virtual laboratory, e-book, online discussions, and videos which are equivalent to all lecturers. Although there are no formal entry requirements, MITx students should have knowledge in the fields of mathematics and science. Because it is still a prototype, the assessment is done by a “code of honor”, which demands honesty of students in the house. But in the future, the university said there would be a mechanism to check the identity and employment verification. They also provide online math help for every student.

Oxford University

More recently, a professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford, England managed to solve math puzzles aged 300 years old. As reported by the Telegraph, Sir Andrew Wiles won the prize of £ 5 thousand thanks to Fermat’s Last Theory or Fermat’s Last Theorem. He was awarded the Abel Prize from the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters for successfully solving a puzzle that’s very complicated. He is one of the many mathematicians from the University of Oxford. The university is included from a handful of universities that are able to produce world-class mathematician.

University of Cambridge

Affiliates of the University of Cambridge have won 80 Nobel Prize, more than any other university in the world. Of the 80 Nobel Prize winners, 70 had attended Cambridge as an undergraduate student or graduate student. This fact certainly proves that this university is one of the best places for any mathematician genius. Along with Oxford, the university occupies top rankings in UK.

University of California Berkeley (UC Berkeley)

Lecture system in America is divided into two paths: Quarter system and semester system. UC Berkeley follows the semester system. Each year the university provides classrooms of spring, fall and summer. Spring and Fall usually last up to 4 months (September-December / February-May). This university is one of the three best universities in the United States, along with Harvard and MIT. UC Berkeley has spawned so many mathematicians whose role in the development of new computer programs.

Sports facilities are fairly complete in UC Berkeley. By only $ 10 per semester, students can take classes offered (such as kick-boxing, yoga, zumba, etc.), and get unlimited access to their facilities. The University offers a relaxed atmosphere for any mathematician by not forgetting the recreational aspect.

How to prepare for them

Of course if you want to be a student one of them you have to prepare yourself well. You may have great ability in mathematics but you should be aware that you will see great competition with a lot of people with abilities like yours. You should familiarize yourself with the applied mathematics in the field of programming because you will learn to apply your math knowledge on useful technologies in everyday life. You will realize that mathematics is the key to any progress in the field of technology. Start by solving math problems related to coding because this age is the age of digital. Try making a wide range of applications that will be taken into consideration for them to accept you as student.

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