Fiu Nursing Video Essay Examples

All students are strongly urged to make an appointment to attend a Generic Information Session at the Modesto A. Maidique Campus (MMC).

Following attendance at an information session, students should make an individual advising appointment with the Nursing Admission Advisor, (305) 348-7703 – Follow Prompts.

Bring copies of all transcripts to the advising appointment for evaluation of deficiencies in state mandated requirements and/or nursing prerequisites.

Applicants who previously applied, but were not accepted to the track must resubmit a new application (NursingCAS application, video essay, official transcripts, and official nursing entrance exam scores) in order to be considered for the next application cycle. See application steps below for more details.

STEP 1 - Apply to FIU (Transfer students only)

As a limited access and highly competitive major, the College of Nursing and Health Sciences reviews all applications to determine acceptance decisions. Applicants not yet fully admitted to FIU (i.e., transfer students) must complete and submit the online FIU application for fall semester admission, with the required application fee and submission of official transcripts directly to the university. Applicants should choose the Nursing-BSN Track when applying. If you meet general FIU Admissions criteria for a Transfer Students with 60 credits or more, your application will be deferred pending the College’s decision.

STEP 2 - Complete Prerequisites (Completed by ALL students)

All nursing prerequisites MUST be completed by the end of the spring semester (see required prerequisite list.) Applicants who complete prerequisite courses at a public Florida state college are strongly encouraged to complete the Associate of Arts (AA) degree before transferring credits to FIU. Students who enter FIU without an AA degree, transfer from out-of-state, or transfer from a private university or college must meet the FIU core curriculum requirements and must satisfy State of Florida mandated Gordon Rule and foreign language requirements prior to full admission to the nursing major.

STEP 3 - Take Nursing Entrance Exam (Completed by ALL students)

This exam is required of all applicants to the Generic and Accelerated BSN Tracks at Florida International University. The required exam is the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) from ATI. FIU only accepts the ATI TEAS (Sixth Edition).
The Nursing Entrance Exam (ATI TEAS) can be taken at the FIU Testing Center or a regionally accredited college or university testing center. The exam is also available at PSI Testing Centers. There is a testing fee of $85 at the FIU Testing Center. We only permit two (2) attempts per application cycle, with at least 30 days between the first and second attempt.
The exam is standardized, timed, multiple choice, computer-based, and comprised of the following:

Content Area

Number of Test Items

Amount of Time Allotted



64 mins



54 mins



63 mins

English & Language Usage


28 mins



209 mins

*There are an additional 20 unscored pretest items distributed proportionately across the four sections.

There are two minimum scores an applicant must achieve on the TEAS. Applicants must meet both minimum scores to be considered as a qualified applicant.

  • Minimum 70% Comprehensive score
  • Minimum 62% Science Score

Click here for FAQ's for the TEAS exam.
Click here for information on study materials.

Call the Testing Center for an appointment to take the examination, making certain to have adequate time to obtain test results prior to the application deadline:

FIU Testing Center
Modesto A. Maidique Campus, GL-120 | 305-348-2441
Biscayne Bay Campus, AC1-160 | 305-919-4043

STEP 4 - Send Complete Application (Completed by ALL students)

Submit all application materials listed below by March 15.
    1. Current FIU students will need to submit an application through NursingCAS at by creating an account and submitting an application for the Generic BSN Track. Applications are accepted from December 15 to March 15.
    2. Video Essay

      Video file no longer than 3 minutes; 480 or higher resolution; uploaded to YouTube with privacy setting of "unlisted." (Instructions for creating an unlisted video: )

      Title of Video: Student's LAST NAME, FIRST NAME and Panther ID (example: Smith, John PID#######)

      The following questions must be answered by the student on their video and the entire video cannot exceed three (3) minutes.  Students should dress in appropriate attire and present a professional image.

      Questions: (Student must clearly state FULL NAME and Panther ID at the beginning of the video)

      1. Describe what Nursing means to you and why you decided to pursue a career in Nursing.

      2. Describe any personal experiences and/or characteristics which you believe will make you a better nurse.

      3. Upon graduation, how do you see yourself impacting your community and/or the nursing profession?

        *Please make sure to submit your video link on a Word document as an attachment to the Documents section of your NursingCAS application.
    3. One copy of each official transcript from every college, university or professional school attended in a sealed envelope to NursingCAS directly. Transfers must also send official transcripts to Undergraduate Admissions. 
    4. Official PDF results of ATI TEAS (Sixth Edition) test scores. Official results will be obtained by accessing your personal ATI account. Results can be downloaded in PDF format and must then be uploaded to the NursingCAS application.
      • If the exam is taken twice, you must submit both score reports for review.
    5. Extracurricular Activity Documentation (Signed statement with dates, number of hours, and job or volunteer duties on official letterhead. Contact name, title, email, and phone number must be included.) All supporting documents must be uploaded to the NursingCAS application.
    Incomplete applications WILL NOT be considered for admission!

    NOTE: Florida International University and Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing & Health Sciences' policies, procedures, requirements and regulations are continually subject to review in order to serve the needs of the University/College’s publics and to respond to the mandates of the Florida Department of Education, Board of Governors, the Legislature, and other regulatory and accrediting agencies. Changes in Tracks, policies, procedures, requirements, and regulations may be made without advance notice.

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