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Electronic edition by Roberto Bombacigno.

From the Preface: "This volume and the enclosed CD-ROM contain a fully lemmatised lexicon of the writings of Plato in John Burnet's critical edition (Platonis Opera, 5 vol., Oxford

University Press, 1900-1907).

This lexicon on the work of Plato is the first volume of Lexicon, a Lexicons Series dedicated to Ancient Philosophy, which is part of a multimedia project that includes printed volumes, CD-ROMs and an Internet site ( A more complete description of the project can be found at this website.

The purpose of the Lexicon project is to create a powerful, scientifically reliable and easily usable resource for terminological and conceptual searches for scholars of ancient philosophy. The Lexicon archives contain original language texts by the major Greek thinkers in the most recent critical editions or the editions normally used in historical/philosophical research.

All the texts are coded and indexed to facilitate in-depth searches by forma and lemma and are presented in electronic form (on-line and on CD-ROM, with a search engine) and in a printed volume.

Obviously, the printed volume cannot offer all the characteristics available in the electronic edition. However, because the electronic publishing is still in a transitional phase, it was deemed appropriate to supply support facilities that are also accessible to people without access to computerised research tools, or who work in environments without a computerised workstation.

The electronic version of Lexicon is available in both on-line and off-line versions; the latter is distributed on CD-ROM with the printed volume. The two versions use the same search interface and the same technology. There are two differences: a) the on-line version allows for parallel searches within several lexicons while, with the CD-ROM version, only one lexicon can be consulted; b) the CD-ROM version allows users greater scope for personalising the text by means of notes, codes and markers."

Schäfer, Christian, ed. 2007. Platon-Lexikon. Begriffswörterbuch Zu Platon Und Der Platonischen Tradition. Darmstadt: Wissenschftlche Buchgesellschaft.

Edited, translated, and with an Introduction by Gerard Naddaf

244 pages | 4 tables | 6 x 9 | © 1998

Paper $33.00ISBN: 9780226075198 Published December 2000

Cloth $49.00ISBN: 9780226075181 Published May 1999

The word myth is commonly thought to mean a fictional story, but few know that Plato was the first to use the term muthos in that sense. He also used muthos to describe the practice of making and telling stories, the oral transmission of all that a community keeps in its collective memory. In the first part of Plato the Myth Maker, Luc Brisson reconstructs Plato's multifaceted description of muthos in light of the latter's Atlantis story. The second part of the book contrasts this sense of myth with another form of speech that Plato believed was far superior: the logos of philosophy.

Gerard Naddaf's substantial introduction shows the originality and importance both of Brisson's method and of Plato's analysis and places it in the context of contemporary debates over the origin and evolution of the oral tradition.
"[Brisson] contrasts muthos with the logos found at the heart of the philosophical reading. [He] does an excellent job of analyzing Plato's use of the two speech forms, and the translator's introduction does considerable service in setting the tone."—Library Journal

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