H4 To F1 Cover Letter

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    H4 to F1 Change of status

    My wife is planning to do MS. She is currently staying in US on H4 visa. Her main intention is to get OPT after the course. We are planning to convert H4 to F1 before starting the course. Since she is planning to take MS from a private university, there is no separate in-state/out-state fee.

    We are planning to initiate COS while she is in US and not going for stamping. What are the documents to be submitted to USCIS for the change of status. Is the financial proof should be in the form of bank letter or can I sponsor her showing my employment letter, pay stubs etc. We currently don't have enough funds in the account.

    Thank you,
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    This is my opinion and not legal advice.
    You will need as proof of current status, her I-94 copy both sides, passport copy, Visa copy (if any), your H1 petition approval notice copy, and last 2 months paystubs.
    For future requested status, original I-20, SEVIS fee receipt and proof of available funds.
    Add to that copy of marriage certificate and a cover letter.

    Generally, schools require you to show available funds before they issue I-20. Generally, immediately available funds are needed for first year of study (savings, checking, fixed deposits etc.). It is up to USCIS's discretion if they can accept other evidence of available funds such your future pay expectation, as such difficult to predict if they will accept it. The school's international advisor may know.

  3. 10-23-2013, 02:52 PM#3

    I am in same boat.


    I would really appreciate if one of you can answer my following queries.

    1) Actually my passport will expire in first week of may 2014 and am planning to apply for change of visa status (H4 to F1) in November 2nd week 2013 so left with just 6 months or less on my passport prior to application. Will it have any negative effect or shud i issue my new passport first?
    2) My wife is sponsoring me and I have a friend sponsoring me as well but He has his fund in Internet bank (no physical branch/office) in USA. He can provide me financial statements and his sponsorship letter. I just want to know if there is any problem.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. 11-24-2013, 11:02 PM#4

    H4 - f1 cos - doubts on answering i 539 form

    hello everyone, My current situation is I am on H4 visa and have been in USA for the past one year. Now I have got admission in a school so I am trying to change my status from h4 to f1. My questions are on form i539, q.no 3g which says -

    Have you, or any other person included in this application, been employed in the United States since last admitted or granted an extension or change of status? for which my answer is NO. On answering NO, the second part of the question states as -

    If you answered "No" to Question 3g in Part 4 on Page 3 of this form, fully describe how you are supporting yourself. Include the source, amount and basis for any income.

    Now do I need to explain on how I am supporting myself currently when on H4 or How I would support myself when on F1?? or both as in present and future plans?

    Kindly help me out with this question. Your help is appreciated. Thank you.
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My friend has applied for change of status from H4 to F1 in Mar 2013 and have received an RFE a month later. Based on what the university advised, she submitted the form I-539 along with copies of my passport, I-20 and I-94. And was not advised to submit any other documents.
Now, in the RFE, She have been asked by USCIS to submit the following:
1. Recent pay stubs of her husband to verifiy valid non-immigrant status in the US.
2. Document supporting funds for 1st year of study and also documents supporting funds for the entire duration of the course (which is 3 years)
I have the following questions:
1.she did mention in form I-539 that her spouse will be sponsoring her. Now, as a reply to this RFE, should her spouse submit an affidavit I-134 (Husband is on H1 currently)? Or, submitting only bank statement, accompanied with a cover letter, will suffice?
2.Her spouse can submit US bank statements to sufficiently cover 1st year of study but not the entire 3 years. In this case, will it be sufficient to state that the spouse will continue to support the other 2 years through his salary (which is our plan anyway to pay for the studies)?
3. Can She submit bank statements etc from my father/father-in law (they reside in India) towards this as a sponsor? If yes, in what document form? Whether a bank statement will be sufficient or it requires official statements on stamp paper etc?
4. In case, the answer to question no.2 is 'Yes', will she still need to submit any sposor documents from India?
5. Can there be more than 1 sponsor for the study?

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