Gazette Reita Ideal Girl Essay

Happy Easter weekend! Once again, we stumbled on another interview, and we did a quick Part I translation of the interview. Part II should be coming along sometime soon. This was published way back in 2004, but it's got some preettyyy shocking stuff. Shocking as in the reason why Ruki isn't married yet, Uruha walking around naked, etc.

As usual, please remember to credit us if you post a preview or are translating from us. It's been frustrating finding our translations posted elsewhere without credits. We really appreciate those who take the time to contact us to translate into another language and/or post previews on their own websites and link back to us. To those of you who do this, thank you!♥

Anyways, on with these guys' ideal girls, their youthful fistfights and more!


Madara KeyWord Interview

On March 30th Gazette released their mini album “~Madara~”

This time, as Ruki tells us, different keywords from the newly released compilation of 6 songs will be the base themes for this interview. With the members' various responses, we hope to capture their true feelings in this interview. On top of that, we'll hopefully be able to get a feel for the GazettE's deep thoughts through their words.

Kai: Lately I've been hooked on an American drama Friends that's been airing on WOWOW. I get really into it to the point that I'm renting the videos and watching it continuously from the first season. One season has 6 dvds, and right now there are about 8 seasons. I've only watched up to the 3rd season, but I'm going to try my best to watch all of it.

Reita: I'm addicted to “messing things up.” For example, if I have socks on before I get in the bath I just toss it in the washing machine. If I take it off in my room then it sits there as it is for 2 to 3 days since I took it off. And today, the plate I ate jaajyan men on is still sitting around. Usually when I come back from tours, I clean up my room, but it gets messy pretty quickly. Since I'm living alone I kind of don't have a spot where I can sleep. Or maybe it's because I've become dirty as well (laughs)

Aoi: It also related to socks for me, but its more like I'm addicted to “the feeling of taking off your socks”. When I take off my socks there's that nice liberating feel. But, it's kind of a waste if you take it all off at once, so I stop at the arch of my foot and walk around like that. It feels really good if you do it that way, and I roll it up one more time and leave it like that for a while. Before I go to sleep I take it off all at once and that feels even I weird?

Uruha: I have this thing for “this is too much trouble.” For example, when I have to take a bath, it's a pain if I'm up on the second floor in my room and have to go to the first floor where the bathroom is. Plus, I put my clothes in my room, so I have to go upstairs naked.

Ruki: If that's the case then just bring your clothes with you...

Uruha: That's even more troublesome.

Reita: A short distance between the bedroom and bathroom is a luxury! My room is only 5 steps away from the bathroom.

Ruki: For me it's about 2 to 3 steps. Anyways, I have a nicotine addiction. For example when we're making the demo tracks and we finish recording the rhythm, I have to smoke. After each stage of recording I have to smoke. Thanks to that I smoke 2 packs in a day. I really can't imagine my daily life without the existence of tobacco.

Ruki: I really hate girls who insult other people without giving it a second thought. My ideal kind of girl is someone who's feminine, and someone who's a little shy when she isn't wearing any makeup even though she's still charming without it. Something innocent like that.

Interviewer: Have you actually dated this“ideal girl” of yours before?

Ruki: I doubt it..if she existed I would have married her by now.

Reita: He rejects the people who are interested in him, but chases after the people who aren't interested in him.

Aoi: My ideal type of girl is someone who can cook and not someone who buys lunches from the convenience store. Basically, someone who can properly cook three meals for me is the most ideal.

Reita: Being together with a girl who has a gentle aura. My ideal girl is definitely someone who can heal you.

Uruha: The kind of girl I am attracted to is someone with a nurturing feminine instinct. No matter how stiff and awkward guys are when they are with a girl, they'll still want to be pampered. So a girl with that kind of an affectionate motherly instinct is attractive.

Kai: A woman I respect is definitely my mom. My parents divorced and my mom raised me all by herself while managing an independent business. I really respect her and how she supported the family financially while bringing me up. As for my ideal girl, it's someone who waits for me as I say, “I'm home,” when I return and who is protective of our family.

Reita: This is a story from when I was in elementary school. I had a white rabbit then. I left that rabbit in a huge cage, and I would often put a collar on it and take it out with me to play. But, one day, when I got back from school, the rabbit wasn't in its cage. Even though my sister was only joking when she said, 「Granny threw it away,」I went and gave my granny a light kick in the butt when she was this day, I still think what I did was terrible, and I'm really sorry I did it.

Aoi: I only injured my mom one time, around the time when I was quitting high school. I was going out at night to go play and hang out, and she stopped me. When I was shaking off the hand she grabbed me with, I elbowed her in the arm, and she got a bruise. At that time, I kept going, 「I'm sorry」, but no matter how much I apologized, I also felt hurt and guilty.

Uruha: That's not bad, you know. When I went through my rebellious stage in middle school, I put holes in the wall, stole bikes, shoplifted, kicked my mom in the back, fought with my sister, but I didn't want to lose to my dad, so I didn't fight with him much. Well, my rebellious spirit was really dependent on other people's kindness.

Kai: For me, I felt my father was an unforgivable person, so I was always defiant towards him. There were endless reasons on top of that, but at any rate, each time he made my mother cry, my dad and I got in a fist fight. As a result, when my parents divorced, and they were deciding, 「Who's going to have custody of him,」 I made it clear that I was going to be in my mother's custody.

Reita: On that note, Aunty says you're the spitting image of your father.

Kai: What?! I always thought, 「I never want to be like my father」though...You're kidding right? About that? (laugh)

Ruki: For me, I went through my rebellious period until recently. Especially with things related to the band...Recently though, when I was doing an interview for a magazine like this, I've gotten some support. At any rate, there were disagreements (laugh). And there were times when I ran away from home. But when it comes to hitting me when I was rebellious, in my situation, should I say that there wasn't an instance like that? My parents are super strong. Things like my dad's punches, if you took one of those, your vision would go white. And kicking into my mum...Even until now, it's really scary. But, well, I have a nice dad and mom!


Wow, was that intense or what?! I thought it was pretty shocking how Ruki's never been hit by his parents and Uruha walking around naked in his house because he's so lazy (laugh). Also, was anyone weirded out about Aoi's sock habits? I could understand where he was coming from, but getting to the same spot as him...(・・;)

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and I'm looking forward to (and waiting, hahaha...) replying~!

Look forward to Part II soon and happy Easter!

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The Gazette Profile


Full name: Matsumoto Takanori

Position: Vocal

Birthday: February 1st, 1982

Weight: 64 (in 2005)

Height: 162 cm

Blood Type: B

Ideal Type: Likes cute and amazing girls.

Fun Facts:

  • loves to rent and buy movies

  • used to smoke Marlboro Mental Light and Salem Pianissimo before he quit

  • wanted to be a fireman as a kid

  • loves spaghetti, hates strawberries and peppers

  • collects hats, patterned shirts and colored/weird sunglasses

  • used to work in a restaurant called the Royal Host and in another one called Denny’s

  • favorite season: winter (gives him inspiration)

  • PJs: football-outfit

  • he hates showing chest
  • designs jewelry sometimes


Full name: Takashima Atsuaki

Position: Guitarist

Birthday: June 9, 1981

Weight: 62 kg

Height: 177 cm

Blood Type: O

Ideal Type: He likes mature and nice girls.

Fun Facts:

  • loves to play football and billiard and to bowl

  • loves to challenge people on his Gameboy Advanced

  • wanted to be a football player as a kid

  • hates olives

  • good at cooking Taco rice

  • PJs: t-shirt and boxers

  • used to work in a vegetable shop

  • favorite season: spring (because it’s warm)

  • collects rings, perfume and accessories

  • Once he was chased by a yakuza


Full name: Shiroyama Yuu

Position: Guitarist

Birthday: January 20, 1979

Weight: 55 kg

Height: 171 cm

Blood Type: A

Ideal Type: Likes friendly girls that cook good.

Fun Facts:

  • loves to eat things which are made with love

  • doesn’t dislike any food

  • great at boiling rice

  • likes to drink Asahi Super Dry

  • doesn’t have a fridge

  • wanted to be a bike racer as a kid

  • collects sunglasses, cologne, accessories and clothes

  • used to work in a wedding hall and at a convenience store

  • favorite season: winter

  • PJs: t-shirt and jersey pants

Reita (<33)

Full name: Suzuki Akira

Position: Bassist

Birthday: May 27, 1981

Weight: 55 kg

Height: 171 cm

Blood Type: A

Ideal Type: Reita likes feminine and mature girls.

Fun Facts:

  • favorite manga: Initial D
  • wanted to be a football player as a kid
  • PJs: underwear
  • favorite season: spring
  • likes Kit Kats and spaghetti, hates vegetables, mushrooms and kai
  • hates Kai’s cooking but can’t cook himself 
  • collects DVDs and everything that has something to do with the Sex Pistols
  • used to work in a bread shop and a sweet shop
  • He dislikes vulgar people
  • He would be Aoi for one day, because he can speak 3 dialects


Full name: Uke Yutaka

Position: Drummer

Birthday: October 28, 1981

Weight: 55 kg

Height: 172 cm

Blood Type: B

Ideal Type: Likes friendly girls.

Fun Facts:

  • loves cooking and to play football
  • collects zippos (lighters that work with gas)
  • on his report card as a child, it was often written that he was “a good and energetic child”
  • likes cabbage, mayonnaise and bananas, hates eggplant and taro-root
  • got his driving licence on January 6th
  • likes to drink apple juice (prefers it to alcohol)
  • wanted to be a football player as a kid
  • used to work in a restaurant and as a cleaner
  • PJs: naked
  • favorite season: winter (because he likes Christmas)

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