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1 “Tears of Autumn”Yoshiko Uchida

2 About the AuthorWrote 27 picture books, including Picture Bride, Journey to Topaz, and Desert Exile.Also writes about Japanese-American history and Japanese folklore.Experienced discrimination first hand during WWII.She spent a year in an internment camp for Japanese-Americans in Utah, and was the first woman to write about the experience there.“I hope to give young Asian Americans a sense of their past and to reinforce their self-esteem and self-knowledge.”

3 Purpose for ReadingBuild vocabulary.Form conclusions and inferences from text.Cite evidence from text to support conclusions.To respond to a short story through writing and speaking.

4 VocabularyTurbulent (adj.) The author came to America on a ship, in a “turbulent November sea.”– wildAffluence (n.) “A wife of his would not go cold or hungry. … picturing this merchant in varying degrees of success and affluence.”– wealth or abundanceDegrading (adj.)– insulting; dishonorable

5 A young Japanese woman chooses to accept a pre-arranged marriage that awaits her in America. “Tears of Autumn” reveals a lot about attitudes and lifestyles of the day as it tells the story of Hana’s voyage to and arrival in San Francisco. It describes her feelings of excitement and fear about life in a strange land.

In the short story, Tears of Autumn by Yoshiko Uchida, you follow the story of a Japanese woman named Hana. She sets out to find her newly arranged husband in America. She starts in Oka Village, Japan where she convinces her dad to let her marry this stranger who apparently owns a store in America. Then she rides a boat and crosses the ocean, landing on Angel Island where she finally meets her fiancé.

In Japan Hana was smothered by her mother because she was the youngest child and wasn’t married yet, so she thought leaving for America was a good idea. She ends up missing the many beauties of Japan. There are the juicy persimmons which cover the trees along the coast. There are also the beautiful fields of golden rice that lead up to the towering mountains. The air is crisp and the mushrooms are ready for plucking. Reveling in the memories was a pastime for Hana on the boat.

Even with the memories of her homeland Hana couldn’t escape the loud and rocky boat. The top deck was wet and filled with the smell of saltwater from the ever churning ocean. The waft of dead fish below deck burns her nose. Even the food is foul enough to make her feel like vomiting. These miserable conditions made Hana rethink whether or not America was a good idea still. Just when she thought the worst was over she reached Angel Island, the last step to America and freedom.

On Angel Island many other Japanese woman and immigrants were lined up outside of buildings. The town was not what Hana expected at all. It wasn’t in the slightest bit American. The buildings reminded her of Oka Village, with its old fashioned design. The atmosphere was of a brooding and depressing matter. Person after person were checked for diseases or for anything that might harm America. She walked out of the buildings finally finished when she sees her new husband. He’s holding a black umbrella dripping with rain. His face convinces her that he was older then what he told her. They make formal...

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