Mgt101 Final Term Papers 2013 Corvette

mcqs from past paper
Q.1 Determine Sales For The Current Period From The Following Information For Ali Baba(Pvt)Ltd.Show Complete Working.
Total Factory Cost Rs 500,000
Opening Inventory W.I.P =300,000
Closing Inventory W.I.P =150,000
Finish Good Inventory Decrease By= 75,000
Gross Profit In 25% Of Cost Of Good Sold
Q.2 Net Cash Flow From Financing Activities 
Operating Profit Before Working Capital Changes =37,154
Debenture Certificate Matured =120,000
Dividend And Interest Received =5,500
Dividend Paid = 7,000
Loss On Disposal Of Fixed Asset= 5,000
Issues Of Share In Current Year =75.000
Q.3 M.R Ali Purchased Goods Amounting Rs 50,000 From Mr.Akram On Credit.Mr Akram Offered Discount 10% If They Would Receive The Due Amount 10 Days From The Date Of Transaction Mr Ali Paid The Due Amount Of Rs 50,000 With In Discount Period Plz Necessary Journal Enteries In The Book Of Mr.Ali?
Q.4 Following Information Is Available for Abc Trader
Opening Balance Of Creditors Control Account Rs= 150.000
Total of Cash Sales = 44,000
Total Sale Journal =35,000
Total Purchase Journals = 55,000
Bad Debts Written Off = 10,000
Total Receipts From Debtors = 25,000
Q.5 Public Limited Company Have Many Option To Increase It Share In The Stock Market .You Are Write Just Three?
Q.6 Plz Explain The Fixed Capital Expense With Determine To Partnership?

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