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In Flint's novel of time travel and alternate history, a six-mile square of West Virginia is tossed back in time and space to Germany in 1632, at the height of the barbaric and devastating Thirty Years' War. Repelling marauding mercenaries and housing German refugees are only the first of many problems the citizens of the tiny new U.S. face, problems including determining who shall be a citizen. In between action scenes and descriptions of technological military hardware, Flint handles that problem and other serious ethical questions seriously and offers a double handful of memorable characters: a Sephardic Jewish family that establishes commercial and marital ties with the Americans, a cheerleader captain turned lethal master sniper, a schoolteacher and an African American doctor who provide indispensable common sense and skill, a German refugee who is her family's sole protector, and, not least, King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden. Not, perhaps, as elegant as some time-traveling alternate histories, Flint's is an intelligent page-turner nevertheless. Roland Green --This text refers to the Leather Bound edition.

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And Grantville Gazette 74 is up!

Grantville Gazette 74 is now available at the following links: https://grantvillegazette.com/wp/ http://www.baen.com/grantville-gazette-volume-74.html I have two works in this issue:  the short story Quelles Misérables, and the fifth installment of the serialized short novel Letters from Gronow. Enjoy! D

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New Work Available

So, recently I wrote a series of stories set in the 1632 universe.  I took a germ of an idea that I had mentioned in 1636: The Devil's Opera, and built a story arc around it.  The idea germ was that a secondary character named Johann Gronow, a real historical personage who was a man […]

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A Side Note…

I'm currently working on a story in the 1632 series, and I have finally gotten to do something I've been wanting to do for twelve years:  I have introduced P. D. Q. Bach to the 1632 universe, and vice-versa.  :-)   D

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And more Forthcoming news…

Eric Flint has announced that he has submitted the final manuscript for the Ring of Fire IV anthology to Baen Books.  This volume is somewhat unique, in that it contains, in addition to contributions by Eric himself and some of the regulars in the series, a story by none other than David Brin!  How cool […]

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If You’ve Ever Wondered How A Story Happens

I was asked to write something for the new 1632 blog.  Follow the link to my thoughts on writing the story "The Evening of the Day." http://blog.1632.org/?p=24 D

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